Boat Maintenance Areas That Need a Boat Mechanic

Posted on: 22 November 2019


For boat enthusiasts, spending a few days to a week out of the water can be a nightmare. It is especially the case if you use your boat for commercial purposes. Therefore, you must conduct regular maintenance on your vessel. However, while there are issues you can handle on your own if you know your way around boat engines, some aspects need expert hands. This is because poor handling can lead to expensive repairs. This article highlights vital boat problems that require a boat mechanic.  

Full Flush

Whether you ride your boat in fresh or saltwater, you must flush it every few times you go out into the water. This is because the sump pump can suck in debris of various kinds, which might block the engine hoses and other drainage systems. Flushing is particularly crucial for boats that ride in salty water because the long-term effects can be devastating. However, while daily flushing keeps your boat in good working condition, a full flush is mandatory every once in a while. A full flush can only be performed by a boat mechanic, primarily because they know the system better. The experts know regions where marine water goes and which parts are at risk of deterioration. Additionally, a full flush ensures you have an easy time with your routine flushing.  

Impeller Replacement

The water pump impeller is one of the most critical components in a boat since it keeps the engine cool by circulating water through the hose system. During day-to-day operations, routine checks of the impeller pump should keep the engine working optimally. However, due to the amount of work that a pump impeller performs, boat owners need to replace it every two years. Unfortunately, most boat owners think that just because they maintain the impeller regularly, the device will serve well after three years. However, it is not the case because the efficiency of an impeller drops considerably after two years. 

A boat mechanic will clean the hoses attached to the impeller before a replacement for optimal performance. Because of the sensitivity of replacement, the task is better left to a mechanic.

Sputtering Engine

Efficient fuel delivery cannot be overstated when it comes to taking good care of your boat. Therefore, if you notice that your engine starts to sputter every time you turn on the ignition, it is a clear sign you need a boat mechanic. The reason is that sputtering robs the engine of power, and that is the last thing you need, especially when going deep sea. Since it is not a good idea to mess around with your boat's fuel delivery system, take it to a boat mechanic for a full evaluation and repair.