3 Critical Tips For Buying A Dirt Bike For Your Child

Posted on: 20 July 2020


While riding a motorcycle can be a risky affair, especially for kids, choosing the right bike coupled with the right riding gear can take the stress out of the process. The decision to buy a dirt bike for your kid can be a mixed bag of emotions, with most parents being anxious, scared and excited at the same time. Here are some tips for buying a dirt bike for your child.


Although there are different bikes for different age groups, you might find that such height specifications may not be ideal for your child. The reason is that a kid's physical development might be faster or slower than their age. So how do you decide on the right bike size for your kid? A child should be able to touch the ground with the tip of their toes when seated on a dirt bike. Putting a foot down is necessary during riding because it offers control, especially for learners. Therefore, when shopping for a kid's dirt bike, test several bikes to makes sure that the bike is an appropriate fit. 


The type of bike transmission to choose depends on the age of the rider and their level of experience. Smaller kids and those who are starting with bike riding should use a dirt bike with an automatic clutch. An automatic clutch changes gears automatically, which helps a young rider to concentrate on balancing and steering the motorcycle. After your child has mastered controlling and steering their dirt bike, they can transition to a manual-transmission type of bike. A manual transmission helps a rider to learn how to operate a clutch. Also, dirt bikes with manual transmissions have more gears to work with.

Starter System

You have to decide on the type of starter system that you want on your child's bike. Most small bikes that are designed for children are usually fitted with electric starter systems that can be triggered with the push of a button. Small children will not struggle to start such bikes because the system is effortless. Conversely, older children might be better off using a kick-starter that requires some leg work. Note that since an electric start system is a fairly new technology, older dirt bikes are likely to have kick-starters. Therefore, if you buy a motorcycle with a kick-starter, then you might need to help your child when starting their bike.

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