Investing Wisely in Bow Thrusters – 4 Essential Factors to Guide Your Purchase Decision

Posted on: 6 October 2020


There is a broad range of options to choose from when buying bow thrusters for your boat, from styles to sizes. Bow thrusters may be located externally or internally in the boat's hull. Before making a purchase decision, there are various crucial factors to consider, including the following. 

Your Boat's Profile

The side view of your boat defines its shape, which is a vital factor to consider. A bow thruster is typically a side thruster because it's responsible for thrusting the boat sideways. As such, adjusting windage according to the boat's side profile is crucial when selecting a bow thruster. You shouldn't be worried about going about this since every manufacturer has systems capable of determining their boat's profile. 

The Boating Environment

An excellent approach to finding the perfect bow thruster is establishing the exact conditions in which the bow thruster will operate. Will you be boating in calm, still waters or cruising in rough marine conditions? What wind conditions exist in your existing boating environment? 

Furthermore, what are the current docking conditions you frequently encounter, such as the central berth or fuel dock? Finding answers to these questions will significantly aid in choosing the right bow thruster for your boat.

Potential Limitations

It's imperative to identify the inherent limitations you can face during your bow thruster installation. After assessing your boat's profile, consider all potential constraints and seek help from a reputable dealer. A common deficiency is physical – your boat's current bow design, including what already exists. 

For example, if your boat possesses a bow thruster operating in a 7-inch diameter tunnel and unable to deliver adequate thrust, this problem can be quickly fixed by purchasing a high-powered bow thruster that bears 5-blade double propellers.  

Another possible limitation can be turbulence drag on the sides of your boat's tunnel. In such a case, consider installing a retractable bow thruster that works effectively with low speeds. Also, the power required to drive the thruster can directly affect your purchase decision. If you own a small-sized boat, consider buying DC-powered bow thrusters because the boat may lack a generator for AC horsepower. 

Solicit an Expert's Help

Finally, when finding an ideal bow thruster, a little help from boating experts is essential. Look around for reputable manufacturers and inquire about different thrusters available on the market. 

Boats are uniquely different, and so are their respective bow thrusters. Therefore, it would help to find experienced installers to determine the exact functional requirements, location, weight and the ideal size for your thruster.

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