Top Tips When Buying E-Bikes

Posted on: 21 July 2021


There is a lot of considerations to make as you purchase your first electric bicycle. Similar to other buyers, you could be overwhelmed by the many types and models of e-bikes on the market today. This article discusses some questions to ask yourself as you buy your first e-bike. Hopefully, it will help you avoid confusion and ensure you buy a bike that meets your needs. 

Why Do You Need The Bike? 

The answers to this question will determine the type of bike you will purchase and its features. For instance, you could go for a commuter bike if you are looking for a convenient and fast means to get to work or conduct your daily hassles. On the other hand, a cruiser bike would be ideal for leisure riding, while a mountain e-bike is perfect for rough terrain. 

How many hours will you spend on the bike? If you will spend a significant part of the day cycling on the bike, you need a bike with a large battery. If you will cover steep terrain, consider e-bikes with a large motor. Consider the need for additional features such as signals, smartphone compatibility, racks, bottle cage and locks. 

What Size Of Bike Do You Need? 

A mistake that most buyers make is buying a bike that is not their size. As such, they experience discomfort as they ride the bike. Use internet resources to establish the bike size that is ideal for your height and weight. Besides, you could go for a bike fitting at your local e-bike dealership. 

Which Manufacturer Makes The Most Durable E-Bikes? 

Since you want value for your money, you should go for the most durable bikes on the market. Cheap, low-quality e-bikes will have weak frames and substandard components that are likely to break down under little stress. Conduct internet research and interview e-bike enthusiasts to establish companies that make durable bikes. 

Will You Make An Online Purchase? 

Online purchases are ideal for people who do not live close to an e-bike dealer. When making online purchases, conduct due diligence to establish the credibility of the website and seller. Additionally, evaluate the terms of sale. For instance, will you receive an assembled bike? Does the seller include shipping fees and taxes in the quoted price? Besides, check the accepted modes of payment and the seller's return policy. 

When buying an e-bike, determine your needs, an appropriate bike size and a suitable manufacturer. Moreover, observe the recommended tips when making an online purchase. Keep these things in mind as you look at electric bikes.