Selecting the Ideal Marine Engine for Your Boat

Posted on: 4 March 2016


There are numerous boating vessels in the market that are ideal for marine sports activities. Therefore, if you are thinking about acquiring a recreational boat, you will need to assess different factors during the selection process. These critical aspects will include obvious issues like size, fabrication material and the potential expenses. However, the most critical consideration is the engine because it is responsible for powering the vessel. Generally, you can choose between the inboard, outboard and stern drive configurations for your marine boat. Here is a short comparison of the three engine options to help you make the most appropriate choice.

Outboard Motor

The outboard motor is a popular propulsion system for small boating vessels. This type of unit consists of the engine, propeller component and the gearbox. This self-contained structure is designed to be mounted to the transom, which is the structure that forms the boat's stern. There are many advantages attached to selecting the outboard motor for your watercraft. The outboard configuration is ideal for a small vessel because it does not take up space in the boat. The motor unit is also used for steering and its external location makes handling easier. In addition, this entire module can be lifted from the water. This will prevent the important components like the propeller from sustaining accelerated damage due to constant contact with water.

Inboard Motor

The engine system in an inboard motor unit is enclosed strategically within the hull of the watercraft. This powering module is connected using a driveshaft to the propulsion screw, completing the marine propulsion system. The motor unit is protected from the saline marine waters, so the structure is likely to provide longer term service. The central positioning of the engine means that the boat will be more stable. Consequently, you will be able to cruise at higher speeds without compromising the handling properties. This is an ideal choice if you are planning on acquiring a recreational racing or high speed cruising boat.

Stern Drive

The stern drive is also commonly referred to as the inboard/outboard drive in the boating market. As suggested by the name, this type of propulsion system is fabricated by combining the power of the inboard motor and the exceptional drive of the outboard unit. Basically, the engine component is installed in the transom area while the drive unit is placed outside the hull. This type of system will deliver more propulsion power like the outboard and maintain stability and high speed performance like the inboard design.

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