Some Important Questions to Ask When Renting a BBQ or Party Boat

Posted on: 3 October 2017


A BBQ boat, or any type of party boat, is a great choice for when you want to relax on the water with family and friends. These boats usually have a larger footprint than speedboats or fishing boats so they can accommodate more guests, and a BBQ boat will have a built-in grill for cooking. When you're ready to rent such a boat, note a few questions you want to ask the rental agency so you can get the right boat and know how to operate it safely, while also making the most of your time on the water.

Ask about the speed and how to operate the engine

Party boats are not meant for racing or for achieving high speeds because of their larger, flatter bottom. This doesn't mean you need to just drift slowly onto the water, but it's good to note the maximum speed of the boat and how to operate the engine safely. This will ensure you reach the open water quickly, while not putting undue stress on the engine or the boat itself, risking the boat tipping or other such damage.

Ask if you can swim or fish from the boat

Not all party boats will have a step or platform for safely getting into and out of the water, and many will have very tall railings along the outside of the boat to keep passengers safely on board. These boats also might not have a space for keeping fish, so be sure to ask about boats that have accommodations for fishing or swimming if you want to try either of these activities when on the water.

Ask about the captain

Many party rental boats will have requirements for who can captain the boat; that person may need to have a driver's license, and they may also need to be a certain age. The captain may also not be allowed to drink while on board. Whatever the requirements, ask about this when renting a boat so you know which person in your party to designate as the captain, and so you are sure the boat is being legally operated at all times.

Ask about cleaning

When renting a BBQ boat, be sure to ask about expected cleaning, as cleaning the BBQ properly may require some special tools and knowhow; in turn, it may be best if you don't even attempt to clean it after use. Whatever the case, be sure you know what's expected of you so you don't damage any equipment, or fail to clean what you should and potentially lose your deposit.

Contact a BBQ boat hire company for more information.