Top Tips When Buying a Motor Boat

Posted on: 10 July 2019


Buying a new boat is exciting, especially if you are a water sports enthusiast. A checklist of the various features you would want in your dream boat will ease the buying process. The extract below discusses some considerations to make.

Size of the Boat

How many people will the boat carry? If you need the boat to take your family for a fishing trip, consider family-friendly boats such as cabin cruisers or deck boats. If you need the boat for water sport activities, consider a personal watercraft. These boats have sufficient horsepower to ensure you enjoy the thrill of high speeds. 


Purchasing and maintaining a boat can be an expensive affair if you do not have a budget. Other than the buying price, you have to cater for transportation, registration, insurance and storage costs. Therefore, you must have a budget for these extra costs and determine how you will raise the money. 

Be creative. For example, you could purchase the boat during the low season when there is little demand for boats to ensure you have sufficient finances. Alternatively, you could choose to buy an older model. 

Extra Amenities

If you intend to use the boat for sports or recreational activities, you would be interested in luxury facilities to make the boat fun to use. For instance, a yacht could have extra storage space to store fishing gear, bedrooms, a kitchen and washroom. However, you have to pay more for these facilities. 

Licenses Required

You must have a valid permit to ensure your safety and those around you as you go about your activities in the water. In Australia, all boats must have a license. Besides, you should have a Personal Watercraft License (PWC) if you intend to practice jet skiing activities.

The Hull 

The type of hull on the boat will significantly influence how you will use the boat. For instance, a flat-bottomed hull is ideal for high speeds while a round-bottomed hull is ideal for low speeds. On the other hand, a deep-V hull will provide a smooth ride in rough waters. 

After-Sales Support

Most dealers will offer guarantees on new boats. Some dealers may also offer to service the boat for a specific period. Choose a model whose spare parts are readily available in your locality. Additionally, it should be easy to find a mechanic to repair the boat. 

Always shop around to ensure you get the best price and after-sales support on your new motor boat. Remember to observe boat safety. The thrill of purchasing the new boat should not tempt you to try dangerous activities on the water.